Welcome to Symbi
Symbi Overview
Troppus Corporation’s Symbi app is bundled with service provider solutions – including Internet, wireless, broadband, home networking, anti-virus, and anti-malware services – to provide consumers with an unparalleled level of tech support, computer troubleshooting, and self-service.

Symbi can be deployed both in the home and at the service provider’s contact center to improve troubleshooting capability for Internet connectivity and home network devices. Symbi’s network topology map allows both users and support agents to identify the source of the problem, minimize troubleshooting cycles, and optimize issue resolution. Using the Symbi app enables tech support departments to improve customer satisfaction through faster issue resolution.

Contact Center Benefits
Symbi’s benefits to tech support organizations include:
  • Reduced overhead costs through automation vs. staffed resources
  • Improved efficiency by escalating only complex or unique issues to live technicians
  • Centralized source of information harnesses past and present employee knowledge
  • Shortened learning curve for new employees through centralized information
Consumer Self-Service
When a customer has an issue, Symbi serves as the first line of support for computer troubleshooting and issue resolution through its self-help solution. Tech support is always available online and offline.

Symbi automatically discovers a user’s home network and proactively monitors and reports on Internet and device connectivity. When Internet service or a connection to a device stops, Symbi provides step-by-step instructions on how to resolve the issue.

Consumer Tutorials
Beyond initial setup and connectivity monitoring, Symbi helps users with personal technology management. Symbi’s knowledge base offers thousands of articles on home electronics devices. Symbi articles empower end users to become more tech-savvy by exploring device settings, features, and functionality across a wide variety of consumer electronics products. For more information, read about Symbi’s knowledge base articles.

Symbi benefits to consumers include:
  • Convenience – Find answers anytime day or night, from anywhere
  • Learning – Become more technically savvy through online learning opportunities
  • Consistency – Get the same service experience through a standardized platform
  • Community Forums – Engage with other consumers and benefit from their experiences
As the ever-growing Internet of Things (IoT) increases the number of Internet-connected devices in the home, let Symbi help you manage your technology. Symbi helps end users Get Connected and Stay Connected.